A&W Gala 1 (2019)

Gala: A&W Gala 1
Date: 8th June 2019
Venue: Shipley Pool

Entry Age as at 16th November 2019
Closing Date 25th May 2019

  1. Mixed 15yrs/Over 4x2 Freestyle Team*
  2. Boys 9/10yrs 2L Backstroke
  3. Girls 9/10yrs 2L Backstroke
  4. Boys 15yrs/Over 4L Freestyle
  5. Girls 15yrs/Over 4L Freestyle
  6. Boys 11/12yrs 2L Breaststroke
  7. Girls 11/12yrs 2L Breaststroke
  8. Boys 13/14yrs 2L Butterfly
  9. Girls 13/14yrs 2L Butterfly
  10. Men’s Open 4x1 Individual Medley
  11. Ladies’ Open 4x1 Individual Medley
  12. Boys 11/12yrs 4x2 Medley Team*
  13. Girls 11/12yrs 4x2 Medley Team*
  14. Boys 15yrs/Over 4x2 Freestyle Team*
  15. Girls 15yrs/Over 4x2 Freestyle Team*

*Swimmers for the team events (11, 12, 13, 14 & 15) will be selected by club coaches.

All swimmers at all levels of the stated age are encouraged to enter the individual events.

Swimmers of all ages and all abilities are encouraged to enter the “Open” events.

Please return completed entry forms and entrance fees to Paul Wright, or Toni Greenwood.

Cash or Cheques. Please make cheques payable to Bradford Swimming club.

Entry form: A&W Gala 1 (2019) Entry Form.