ETIQUETTE – An accepted code of behaviour for all.


Arrive ready to start the session on time with your drink and equipment.

Go to the toilet before the session and not during it.

Respect all swimmers and their property, both on poolside and in the changing room.

Show respect to all coaches and poolside team at all times.


Listen when the coach is speaking

Leave correct intervals between yourself and the swimmer in front. This is generally 5 seconds off the pace clock, unless instructed otherwise by the coach.

Swim in the direction as instructed by the coach, and stay on the correct side of the lane.

When turning, swim across the lane, then turn. You will then come out on the correct side of the lane for you to carry on swimming without clashing with the swimmers behind.

To overtake the swimmer in front – tap the foot (DO NOT PULL).

At the end of the lane, if you have been tapped, stop and let the swimmer behind pass. Then leave a 5 second gap before setting off again.

Do not swap positions mid lane. A swimmer stopping in mid length narrows the lane, increases the risk of collision, and can cause several swimmers to stop.

Kicking, pulling, scratching of any swimmer whilst attempting to pass them WILL NOT be tolerated. If this rule is not observed, the coach will have the right to ask you to sit out or leave poolside.

At the end of your swim, move to the side at the end of the lane to allow other swimmers to finish on the wall.

Remember, that training is the key to improving your swimming technique and stamina, this is achieved by concentrating and listening to your coach/teacher at all times.

If you have any problems with other swimmers whilst at the pool, please speak to your coach/teacher.

These recommendations are in place to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

To ensure the Club can continue to run in the manner that it always has, we ask you to read and take note of all of the above.