Membership Fees

Bradford Swimming Club annual membership fees are as follows:

£20 for general membership (Squads A - D, Skill/Competitive Development)

£15 for Foundation Squad

There is a 25% sibling membership discount.

ASA Fees

There are three main categories of annual club membership:

Category One = £15.05 - This is for individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network.

Category Two = £32.60 - This is for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway.

Category Three = £10.45 - This is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by categories one and two, such as volunteers, coaches and teachers.

Training Fees

Squads A - D, Skills/Competetive Development = £4.00/ session or £32/month by Direct Debit.

Foundation Squad = £40 for 10 weeks/blocks session.