Bradford Swimming Club

Bradford Swimming Club is an active club, which provides regular training opportunities for swimmers wishing to compete on a regular basis. The weekly training nights are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with a land training session on Saturday afternoon. There is a positive training ethic, a recognition of the importance of progress, and weekly coached sessions run by qualified coaches. The club has a Committee who meet on a monthly basis and an AGM is held in November every year. All coaches and committee members give their time on a voluntary basis.

Club Objectives

To provide comprehensive training for such swimmers in the Club’s area who wish to join and can fulfil the entry qualifications laid down by the committee. To provide the necessary facilities for such training and to provide facilities for teaching competitive swimming. We do not provide a learn to swim facility and instead work with already competent swimmers, coaching them to a standard that they are able to represent the club effectively at local galas and open race meets.