City Of Bradford Swimming Club Winter Short Course Meet 2023

Event: City of Bradford Swimming Club Winter Short Course Meet 2023.
Date: Saturday 18th November and Sunday 19th November 2023
Venue: John Charles Centre for Sport (25m)
Ages as at 19th November 2023

All Heats will be seeded according to entry times and heats will be ‘spearheaded’.

Events: 50m, 100m & 200m all strokes, 400m Free, 100m IM & 200m IM. All events will be HDW.

Age Groups: Boys & Girls ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & Over for all events.

Awards: All Events - Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively in each age group in each event -
Speeding Tickets will be given to swimmers who swim faster than the A Grade cut off times by the following margins: - 1 second on 50m, 2 seconds on 100m, 4 seconds on 200m, 8 seconds on 400m.

Schedule of Events

Saturday 18th November 2023

Session 1
Warmup 8.00am, Events 9.00am
101 Boys 100m Breaststroke
102 Girls 100m Breaststroke
103 Boys 50m Freestyle
104 Girls 50m Freestyle
105 Boys 100m Butterfly
106 Girls 100m Butterfly
107 Boys 200m Individual Medley
108 Girls 100m Individual Medley

Session 2
Warmup 1.00pm, Events 2.00pm
201 Boys 400m Individual Medley
202 Girls 400m Individual Medley
203 Boys 200m Freestyle
204 Girls 200m Freestyle
205 Boys 50m Backstroke
206 Girls 50m Backstroke
207 Boys 200m Butterfly
208 Girls 200m Butterfly

Sunday 19th November 2023

Session 3
Warmup 8.00am, Events 9.00am
301 Girls 100m Backstroke
302 Boys 100m Backstroke
303 Girls 50m Breaststroke
304 Boys 50m Breaststroke
305 Girls 100m Freestyle
306 Boys 100m Freestyle
307 Girls 100m Individual Medley
308 Boys 100m Individual Medley

Session 4
Warmup 1.00pm, Events 2.00pm
401 Girls 400m Freestyle
402 Boys 400m Freestyle
403 Girls 200m Breaststroke
404 Boys 200m Breaststroke
405 Girls 50m Butterfly
406 Boys 50m Butterfly
407 Girls 200m Backstroke
408 Boys 200m Backstroke