Rising Stars Winter Gala

Event: Rising Stars Winter Gala
Date: Sunday 29thth January 2023
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Shipley Pool, Shipley, BD18 3ER
Closing Date: Friday 20thth January 2023

Organised and run by

BSC Coaches - The Rising Stars gala is a brilliant way to introduce our swimmers to competitive swimming.

Gala entry is limited to members of invited local swimming clubs in Bradford and the surrounding district, primarily Bradford Dolphin, Bradford, Bingley, Ilkley. If any swimmer is also a member of the Bradford Aquatics Training Scheme, the swimmer must be in no higher squad than Rising Stars and enter through their local club only.

The swimmers must be aged between 8 and 14 inclusive on the day of the gala to enter.

Maximum entry times have been set to keep entries within the intended ability range, so only swimmers who have current event times which are slower than the times below will be eligible for entry. We encourage clubs to complete these times as accurately as possible with your entry so heats can be seeded correctly. All times submitted are the responsibility of the entering club to be accurate and will not be adjusted after the entry has been submitted.

Medals will be awarded for places 1 to 3 in each age group 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Individual entries: £3.00

Spectator Tickets: £2.00
Spectator tickets to be purchased on the night


1 Boys 8 years 25m Backstroke
2 Girls 8 years 25m Backstroke
3 Boys 8 years 25m Breaststroke
4 Girls 8 years 25m Breaststroke
5 Boys 8 years 25m Butterfly
6 Girls 8 years 25m Butterfly
7 Boys 8 years 25m Freestyle
8 Girls 8 years 25m Freestyle
9 Boys 9/10 years 50m Backstroke
10 Girls 9/10 years 50m Backstroke
11 Boys 9/10 years 50m Breaststroke
12 Girls 9/10 years 50m Breaststroke
13 Boys 9/10 years 50m Butterfly
14 Girls 9/10 years 50m Butterfly
15 Boys 9/10 years 50m Freestyle
16 Girls 9/10 years 50m Freestyle
17 Boys 9/10 years 100m Individual Medley
18 Girls 9/10 years 100m Individual Medley
19 Boys 11/14 years 50m Backstroke
20 Girls 11/14 years 50m Backstroke
21 Boys 11/14 years 50m Breaststroke
22 Girls 11/14 years 50m Breaststroke
23 Boys 11/14 years 50m Butterfly
24 Girls 11/14 years 50m Butterfly
25 Boys 11/14 years 50m Freestyle
26 Girls 11/14 years 50m Freestyle
27 Boys 11/14 years 100m Individual Medley
28 Girls 11/14 years 100m Individual Medley

Entry to the gala has now closed.