Team Jorvik New Year Festival 3 Grades Meet 2024

Event: Team Jorvik New Year Festival 3 Grades Meet 2024
Date: Sunday 21st January 2024
Venue: The Aquatics Centre, John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds (50m)
Ages as at 21st January 2024

This meet is designed to give all swimmers, regardless of age and ability, access to long course
swimming with a good event selection. It will be run in a very relaxed and friendly fashion, but
entrants should ideally have some prior external short course competition experience, and we
recommended that they be able to handle the events comfortably in a short course pool first.

Cost: £6.50 per event
Spectator admission £6 per session, or £10 for the whole day.

Schedule & Cut-off Times

Morning session: warm-up 8am, start 9am
101 Girls 200m Freestyle
102 Open/Boys 200m IM
103 Girls 100m Breaststroke
104 Open/Boys 100m Breaststroke
105 Girls 100m Butterfly
106 Open/Boys 100m Freestyle

Afternoon session: warm up 1pm, start 2pm
201 Girls 200m IM
202 Open/Boys 200m Freestyle
203 Girls 100m Backstroke
204 Open/Boys 100m Backstroke
205 Girls 100m Freestyle
206 Open/Boys 100m Butterfly

Entry to the gala through Bradford Swimming Club is through Swim Manager.

Open/Boys Cut Off
Girls Cut Off